Hinterhands puppet company aims to create intimate performance and arts education experiences, inviting people to reflect deeply on relationship to each other, to place and to spirit. Hinterlands translates into and refers to “the lands behind.” hinterhands refers to the seen or unseen hands behind the puppet, behind the mystery of creating, hinting at something alive.

Puppet Camp OUT

Through a series of 8 two-hour workshops from September 2021-December 2021, six participants will learn several forms of small-scale puppetry and explore telling their story or another queer story using puppetry to create a five-minute performance of this exploration.

The project will be led by Bart Buch, hinterhands’ Artistic Director and a queer puppet artist with 25 years of experience, working with a team of five other puppet artists: Masanari Kawahara, Seth Eberle, Kallie Melvin, Mary Jo Nikolai and Andrew Young.

Of the six program participants, three will be 14-20 years old and three will be 60+ years old. For the pilot of this program, we are keeping the participant number low to establish a successful process that is responsible to the artists and participants.

Throughout the workshops, participants will develop their own story, get to know each other’s stories, learn puppet forms, receive mentorship from queer artists and puppet artists, and develop one short collaborative puppetry piece together.

Workshops will happen at Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts, 2742 15th Ave. S. in Minneapolis.


Download the Application (word doc)

The Puppet Camp OUT Application is due August 25th.
Please fill out and send to [email protected]